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Why Does Cannabis tangie sativa oil Smell like Citrus?

If you’ve study our weblog approximately hashish lines and hypes or our latest social media posts, you could have visible the declaration but for our upcoming Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection, to be released later this year. This series may be released along Suzy’s hashish seeds you’ve come to recognize and love.

 Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection

The Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection may be primarily based totally upon OG #18 and Blood Orange Tangie and may be geared in the direction of skilled growers who positioned effort and time in locating that best phenotype to retain with. Both OG #18 and Blood Orange Tangie crosses are with inside the works.In this Suzy’s Cannabis World Blog we delve similarly into Blood Orange Tangie, certainly considered one among our favourite lines from final year. The identical phenotype received the HomeGrown Cup 2019 indoor version withinside the Mostly Sativa class and in advance completed 2nd withinside the Sativa class on the HomeGrown Cup.I can individually attest it’s miles certainly considered one among my (if now no longer the) favored Sativa smokes. When you open the jar, it without delay impresses all and sundry who i’ve proven and smoked it with. Then while you are taking it out, you could see it’s a looker too. It’s darkish red, with orange hairs and loaded with trichomes. When you smoke it, you’re beaten through the orange terpenes. A wonderful sunlight hours smoke. Don’t get me incorrect it’s robust, however offers greater of a head excessive than a frame excessive. Unlike the OG Kush types for example.To heat you up we come up with a few perception in Blood Orange Tangie, as we sat down for an interview with our breeders. We move into the origins of Blood Orange Tangie, what made this stress a keeper, which crosses are being made and we speak a chunk approximately developing her and her crosses.For the record, Tangie turned into created and made famous through DNA Genetics in Amsterdam. It is stated Tangie is their remake of Tangerine Dream and turned into created through crossing California Orange and Skunk.

 Blood Orange Tangie

 What made this stress a keeper and in the long run one you began out to reproduce with?

Breeder: The robust orange terpenes with the red sativa looks, however in the long run it turned into her reputation that made me maintain her. It’s a prefect breeding mom, giving strong lady pollen, and the whole lot she touches receives a twist of orange. Blood Orange Tangie Suzy: What crosses have you ever attempted so far? Breeder: Crosses are made with recognized lines like UK Cheese and Gorilla Glue #4, Amnesia, Zkittelz, Forum Cookies and Mimosa. The backcross, this is crossed to the authentic clone in seed shape and a self-decided on phenotype from Peach Ozz. Peach Ozz is an OZK phenotype with creamy peach tarps. Grows a chunk greater stretchy, however comes with longer flowering time. And Sour Banana Sherbet, a hairy plant which is simple to grow. It’s additionally an absolute hash dumper with loopy quantity of trichomes. To maintain the greater clean banana terps, harvest early round eight week. To get greater gassy, doughy terps harvest at 10 weeks. Leafs will flip black.

Sativa flower: Indoor, mixed-light and sun-grown

Super Silver Hash Plant: A sativa-dominant hybrid that refreshes the mind and restores energy, Super Silver Hash Plant is wisely grown in mixed-light conditions and is an excellent choice for a vibrant day out on the town. A highly social strain, SSHP provides a sativa buzz with mild body relaxation.

 AMG: For an uplifting high with a heady buzz, AMG is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a lemony flavor. Cultivated by Pearl Pharma in Los Angeles under ideal indoor conditions and manicured by hand, AMG is perfect for creativity, socializing and staying focussed while high.

 Tangie: High in THC and infusing your day with euphoria, Tangie is a potent strain best consumed wisely. Paying tribute to popular 90s strain Tangerine Dream, Tangie is a cross between California Orange and Skunk with a sweet, tangerine-like aroma. Grown indoors so the strain can be cultivated perfectly, Tangie is the go-to choice for the high-grade cannabis connoisseur. Also available as a sun-grown half ounce for extra savings!

 Blueberry Haze: A sativa-leaning strain that gives a delightful body high with tingly brain sensation, Blueberry Haze provides an analytical, focused and creativity-inducing high. Grown indoors until it meets impeccably high standards, expect a sweet aroma with fruit notes, Blueberry Haze is best consumed by regular cannabis users to avoid over stimulation.

 Super Soul Diesel: A stress fighting, pain-relieving high with an edge of inspiring creativity and euphoria, Super Soul Diesel is a great choice for socializing and keeping the mind entertained. A cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, Super Soul Diesel is grown indoors to perfection and has a unique earthy taste like its Diesel brethren.

 Blue Dream – Sun Grown Half Ounce: Blue Dream is a fruity sativa strain that encourages creativity, euphoria and renewed energy. A cross between Haze and Blueberry, Blue Dream works effectively in sauce concentrates, making it a dream vape strain with a high THC level.

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