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Buy White berry kush strain at Meha Kush online shop.White Berry’s hybridized genetics create a complex and versatile strain. Consequently result is a sativa head effect with an indica-style body sensation when consumed in higher quantities.


The offspring of the two legendary parents White Widow and Blueberry. White Berry marijuana exemplifies the qualities of both it’s parents. The trichome coverage on this strain is outstanding. It  makes it an excellent choice for the creation of extracts and the smell of berries is something to savor.

White Berry is great for daytime smoking if consumed in smaller quantities. If you decide to indulge further, the Indica effects will be much stronger and may leave you stuck to the couch. Moreover White Berry cannabis is highly recommended for stress and anxiety.

Its a marijuana strain that offers stress and anxiety relief with some mix of happiness.  I would call this strain more of a chatter strain while hanging out with friends at home. Also, it would be very useful for your own relaxation time since it definitely helps the mood.

It has a berry and pine smell, reminding of a forest after a fresh rain. However you can see in the pictures, it has a lot of orange hairs and trichomes in the flowers. Taste is smooth and effects are strong. Please medicate responsibly.

Berry White is a great strain for patients who are battling depression and other anxiety related issues. First impressions are great all around consistency between buds, very purple, with amazing trichome coverage. While not the most potent, Berry White has become a patient favorite based solely on the various uplifting effects.

Therefor the THC levels are important considerations as patients desire consistency in dosage levels. Available at Mega Kush shop.


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